This song features additional lyrics and vocals by Itai Gruss for Jah Real Monsters


When the bass line stops
All the dead bodies in the room just drop
So, dance
Make some rips in your pants
Make a little mess with the drink in your hands
Man, it feels good to be a zombie
Wobbly, stumbling, mumbling through my mouthpiece
Shout please if you will not breathe
We murdering nazis
Metaphorical war steez

Standing on that cliff by the water
I'm counting factions

Shuffle them cards
Take a break from looking at stars
I fight fate with a fist
And it goes like this
I always win, I never miss
Patriots sing in the way they imagine
Triumph happens
No beauty pageant actress ever made a mattress
Ashamed to engage in the static magic
Got a flattering tone
When the vixen sits in my home
Let alone when I'm tryna convicne
She had one beer, I had like six
But I ignore those patterns
Everybody throwing knives
I'm throwing daggers
Guess that's my swagger
Act on an impulse
Find out what matters
But instead of letting go
I can only hold onto the things I know
I don't do what I'm told
I get off that board
I do not pass go
See I've never choked
And I've never broken any bones
Never lost my home
If it's a bed or a couch I can still catch a doze

And I can't seem to get around
When I'm feeling locked out
Dropping out, tuning out, turning on
To a different station
Feeling close

We screaming things like peace is not an option
All we wanna do is break the rules and get it poppin
Lockin, droppin
We ain't never stoppin
The garden of our youth has brew spouting out a fountain
I move to the rhythm of a liberal elitist
At the party hardly not feeling like a fetus
Doing shows, spitting flows
Must be make believing
Barely alive but still breathing
Flannel on my back
T-Shirt is sleeveless
I do believe in facts so I don't believe in jesus
Hopefully my mama doesn't read this...

So keep an eye on this generation
Last time we smoked we didn't get high
and that's a complication
I'm just saying,
I think I speak for you and you smoke for me
When I say that we both need something new to get us by
Like a steeple chaser, with an eraser
Don't need a savior
You could be a savior
It's all relative when you've got neighbors
On the road to the King of Claver

What can I see?
Everybody in the club staring at me
Okay I'm doing just fine
Bitches looking at me must be out they mind


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


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