Through the Light Stream

from by The Universe Project



Abused by a muse
concentrated cannibal
this is my cameo
and you're drivin by

Can't write with the look you gave
No lights in this dusty cave
Gotta leave but I don't wanna go
Should I stay?
I don't know
Time flies right under my nose
Get's stuck in my mustache
A lot of questions come into my mind but
I know I shouldn't ask

Show me your will
through the light
through the light
show me your face
when your dancin' between the lines
flashlight burning in time
the flickin' sound it makes
comes through the light
through the light stream

There's a riff in the balance
Slack lines aren't safe anymore
Bad habits
Could have sworn that you had it
But I forgot that I don't believe in magic
Got a crash kit
And a mattress
Bad kids
Throwing rocks at a window above my head
Got locked in a dream and now I'm dead
In bed with a piece of my past
Looking up as the ceiling cracks
Caught up in the plans we had
Shed skin in a quick comeback
But I'm not in the light
And I know what a fight looks like
It's like falling off a bike
Get hurt and you learn how to do it right
Yikes, all bite no bark
Made a big mess and called it art
Didn't have to be this hard
Didn't have to act that smart
Pretend that I don't even notice
Those ghosts don't make me nervous
My skin is thick on the surface
My voice is perfect


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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