The Last Song

from by The Universe Project



I'm gone, come find me
you and yours sat down
sifting through my crooked rhythms

I've never really been a fan of regrets
I never gave a shit about a hickey on my neck
All I cared about is what came next
Maybe a little merit
Maybe some respect
But it's a slippery slope
When you don't wanna be naive,
but you also don't want to let go of hope
I'm trying not to choke
But I took a big hit of love
Now I got it stuck in my throat
See, I've known a couple drifters
I've known a lot of thrifters
I've had a lot of lovers
And a lot of sisters
Told a lot of lies
And I've loved a lot of sinners
Seems to be magnified this winter
My liver may hold a grudge in a couple of years
But I let go of the fear
I let go of the fear
I've walked away from a lot of women in tears
I tend to disappear
I tend to disappear
I think that right now my thoughts are too clear
I need another beer
I think it's time for me to get out of here
Take me to the pier
Take me to the pier

Help me break down
It's that small town livin' in my head
tellin' me to come home
what i'd give for comfort
in my home away from home
Sunshine drew a line
now I'm high and true-eyed
but too many days have gone by
so many times

So break, break, break
Break, break down
Take, take, take
Take, take the sound
We could make, make, make
Make all the rounds
And I will chase, chase, chase
Chase you down


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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