Naptime Delirium

from by The Universe Project



Play the game close
Low hopes
Minimalist masochistic quotes
Flow's dope
Hold notes in the background
We are not that proud
Everybody back down
Millennial dickhead
Skin made of wool
Tits full of the thick thread
Gotta big head
Always did
Over analytical impulses always win
Go big or go back to the crib
This is how I live
We got all the time in the world
It seems
Taking power naps having unamerican dreams
So here I go
Walking down the road
Never doing things that I'm told
Playing with the things that you sold
Gotta let em go
Goodwill plowing through the snow

Bring me back from the landfill
your sterile eyes look like an orange pill
I see you there, in my sleep
and you're waitin' for me
everywhere i go
your face upon a mantlepiece
footprints in the scottville snow

Scaffolding collapsing
Nicotine relapse
Plugging in the mic
Yup too much feedback
Allergy to absentee ballots
24 karat songs playing
But the hooks are wrong
Lets get it on
Make a little spare change
Gotta brew that black stuff
Ease the head pains
We always play strange
Carnival of the bromantic hermits
Which way would you turn it?
Left, right
I promise I won't burn it in the next life
We made it just right
And it feels nice
My warning lights
Weren't bright enough
You must have thought that I was pretty tough
But at the end of the day
It all feels the same

Where did you go?
I had the fireplace on in the fort life
In fact we had it all put up and together in a fortnight
Straddlin' our frozen feet
and straight jacket memories
but i still cant help but believe
one significant motion
will sweep the feet
sweep the feet


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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