Black Widow

from by The Universe Project



Save me the energy I need
to get my steam ship pumpin'
without a borough on my mind
has me remembering
This town is like a solvent
And i wanna dissolve it
With the revolving holograms
with our eyes closed
so we can solve, so we can solve
so we can solve it.
All I wanna say is watch your six
You don't really need another failed quick fix, now
So now I'll just sit, talk to myself
My internal sunshine makes great health
bought into the cards that i wasn't dealt
now i'm a victim of the strobe light
victim of your stealth
Flash rave turned into a funeral
That guest list became too full
Theres a creature and a shadow comin' in through my window
lookin' around for black minerals

Planning an escape
What a weird first date
Got a stomach ache from the stars that I ate
She could take ten years to appear in the doorway
Time that it takes to wait is like foreplay
Your way is too complex...
Might as well flip a coin to figure out what comes next
So ch-ch-ch-ch-check what sounds musical
You sing about death and it sounds so beautiful
Whoa are we to shuffle the deck?
I made a mess of necks and spines
And you're next in line
So we pass the time
Trying to stay alive
Making up our minds
And yet we redefine
Everything that it meant to invent innocence
In a sense we are meant to regress
No regrets
I'm obsessed with the breasts and the heart in her chest
What a mess, I'm a mess, gotta keep this in check
Never had a set plan before
And there's a lot of things between me and the door
Glimpse into the future shows prints on the floor
So I sit on the chords that I heard at the morgue
Here we go again
So confused that I don't think that I would know a friend
If they looked me in the eye and slapped me in the face
My peripheral vision of the woman wouldn't erase

All i wanna say is watch your six
you dont really need another failed quick fix, now.


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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