Stare down at a black cat, you do not control me
Ping pong at Fat Cat, PBR OG
I got a trophy that is made out of bullshit
Smart kid, never put my nose to a glue stick
Who wins?
Not you, definitely not the bar stool
Hard fools throwing harpoons at cartoons
Who knew you could be a femme fatale?
Digging out those holes so we can dive down
If you wanna, let me get your number
I think we hit it off
Feels like summer
The way you talking soft
Makes a brother wonder
What kind of secrets do you hide under covers?
If you got another
I think he better know
Black cat's gotta keep a man on his toes
Seems you got woes and it shows so I gotta go
Holding out hope for some poetry in prose

Our movements matched
and your mind went blank
your fortress fell down
and i didn't lose you
The black cat's on
Throwing color on my brick wall
Guess I earned the right to lose it all
Mad, I could never see.
The shades might fall
The shades might fall

Give another pop drop if you can't stop
Rocks fall into puddles of blood...
There's no clots, not here
Dripping on kittens
Having nightmares about these visions
We were just children
But we still made our choices
Took a long time to ignore these voices
Got a void I'm filling with women
Hidden in a modern cave
I'm chillin
Who's winning?
Not me, not you, not us
Just trust
We must confess to those games we messed up
Cutting lines to stay up
Doing overtime can't afford a pay cut
We don't have make up to cover those scars
All we got is drugs
All we got is bars
Can't drive a car so I'm trapped in a tunnel
But I won't go back to the muzzle
Let's nuzzle, let's heal
Let's deal...with the fact that we don't know real
Let's steal...like thieves in the night


from Black Minerals, released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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