Black Minerals

by The Universe Project

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We have a lot of thanks to give. Many people lent a hand, or at least a finger, to the creation of this album and/or the existence of this band. We are eternally grateful, and want nothing more than to shower you in hugs and money. However, since we have a shortage of money, hugs will have to do. The list is as follows:

Itai Gruss
Travis Milford
Zoe Travis
Gabriel Gomez
Elena Scott
Caleb Eberhardt
Mark Stewart
Karen Curlee
Lili Voskidis
Danielle Orlowski
Moza Al-Khater
Patrick Johnson
Jafe Paulino
Chazz Giovanni
Le'Asha Julius
Mike Forst
Ross Meneses
Julieta Varela
Carly Sorensen
Mark Langbord
Sophia Archibald
Charlie Shelton
Patrice Roth
Nola Smith
The Flying Farmer
Our Mothers

We love you all.


released May 4, 2013

Lyrics & Vocals by Kahiem Rivera & Levi Capper
Instrumentation by Julien Melendez
Additional Lyrics & Vocals by Itai Gruss & Julien Melendez
Album Artwork by Elena Scott
Spritual & Sonic Guidance by Gabriel Gomez
All tracks written and performed by The Universe Project
All tracks mixed by The Universe Project
All tracks except 8, 9, & 10 mastered by The Universe Project
Tracks 8, 9, & 10 mastered by Travis Milford
Tracks 2, 5, 9 & 10 recorded by Travis Milford at SAE
Tracks 3, 6, & 8 recorded by The Universe Project at the Claver Cave
Tracks 1, 7, & 11 recorded by The Universe Project at the Pratt Chapel
Tracks 1 & 4 recorded by The Universe Project in the MTA subway system.



all rights reserved


The Universe Project Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Black Cat
Stare down at a black cat, you do not control me
Ping pong at Fat Cat, PBR OG
I got a trophy that is made out of bullshit
Smart kid, never put my nose to a glue stick
Who wins?
Not you, definitely not the bar stool
Hard fools throwing harpoons at cartoons
Who knew you could be a femme fatale?
Digging out those holes so we can dive down
If you wanna, let me get your number
I think we hit it off
Feels like summer
The way you talking soft
Makes a brother wonder
What kind of secrets do you hide under covers?
If you got another
I think he better know
Black cat's gotta keep a man on his toes
Seems you got woes and it shows so I gotta go
Holding out hope for some poetry in prose

Our movements matched
and your mind went blank
your fortress fell down
and i didn't lose you
The black cat's on
Throwing color on my brick wall
Guess I earned the right to lose it all
Mad, I could never see.
The shades might fall
The shades might fall

Give another pop drop if you can't stop
Rocks fall into puddles of blood...
There's no clots, not here
Dripping on kittens
Having nightmares about these visions
We were just children
But we still made our choices
Took a long time to ignore these voices
Got a void I'm filling with women
Hidden in a modern cave
I'm chillin
Who's winning?
Not me, not you, not us
Just trust
We must confess to those games we messed up
Cutting lines to stay up
Doing overtime can't afford a pay cut
We don't have make up to cover those scars
All we got is drugs
All we got is bars
Can't drive a car so I'm trapped in a tunnel
But I won't go back to the muzzle
Let's nuzzle, let's heal
Let's deal...with the fact that we don't know real
Let's thieves in the night
Track Name: Animal
Kept running and limping back
Lying there like a wounded animal

Burn three
Sheets from your journal, animal

Wounded animal
To light up the faces

Hold on to a wrong turn
Take three sheets from your book and let it burn
Nerve endings transformed pigeons to eagles
Cold sweat from a dream that feels so evil
Tweedle dee, tweedle dunnit
There's no parachute, when we plummet from the summit
Love it, touch it, use it, hush, don't abuse it
Much too much to do with love and other bruises
And I'm out.
Chuck robbed the tongue that was in my mouth
But see I had a back up, in the event that I cracked up
Some bad luck, had us wondering how we'd stack up
Good Practice.

Kept running and limping back
Lying there like a wounded animal

Burn three
Sheets from your journal, animal

Wounded animal
To light up the faces

To light up the faces
To light up the faces
To light up the faces

I can stall my account and run away
From the chair that awaits me
I can solve my problems.
Track Name: Naptime Delirium
Play the game close
Low hopes
Minimalist masochistic quotes
Flow's dope
Hold notes in the background
We are not that proud
Everybody back down
Millennial dickhead
Skin made of wool
Tits full of the thick thread
Gotta big head
Always did
Over analytical impulses always win
Go big or go back to the crib
This is how I live
We got all the time in the world
It seems
Taking power naps having unamerican dreams
So here I go
Walking down the road
Never doing things that I'm told
Playing with the things that you sold
Gotta let em go
Goodwill plowing through the snow

Bring me back from the landfill
your sterile eyes look like an orange pill
I see you there, in my sleep
and you're waitin' for me
everywhere i go
your face upon a mantlepiece
footprints in the scottville snow

Scaffolding collapsing
Nicotine relapse
Plugging in the mic
Yup too much feedback
Allergy to absentee ballots
24 karat songs playing
But the hooks are wrong
Lets get it on
Make a little spare change
Gotta brew that black stuff
Ease the head pains
We always play strange
Carnival of the bromantic hermits
Which way would you turn it?
Left, right
I promise I won't burn it in the next life
We made it just right
And it feels nice
My warning lights
Weren't bright enough
You must have thought that I was pretty tough
But at the end of the day
It all feels the same

Where did you go?
I had the fireplace on in the fort life
In fact we had it all put up and together in a fortnight
Straddlin' our frozen feet
and straight jacket memories
but i still cant help but believe
one significant motion
will sweep the feet
sweep the feet
Track Name: Through the Light Stream
Abused by a muse
concentrated cannibal
this is my cameo
and you're drivin by

Can't write with the look you gave
No lights in this dusty cave
Gotta leave but I don't wanna go
Should I stay?
I don't know
Time flies right under my nose
Get's stuck in my mustache
A lot of questions come into my mind but
I know I shouldn't ask

Show me your will
through the light
through the light
show me your face
when your dancin' between the lines
flashlight burning in time
the flickin' sound it makes
comes through the light
through the light stream

There's a riff in the balance
Slack lines aren't safe anymore
Bad habits
Could have sworn that you had it
But I forgot that I don't believe in magic
Got a crash kit
And a mattress
Bad kids
Throwing rocks at a window above my head
Got locked in a dream and now I'm dead
In bed with a piece of my past
Looking up as the ceiling cracks
Caught up in the plans we had
Shed skin in a quick comeback
But I'm not in the light
And I know what a fight looks like
It's like falling off a bike
Get hurt and you learn how to do it right
Yikes, all bite no bark
Made a big mess and called it art
Didn't have to be this hard
Didn't have to act that smart
Pretend that I don't even notice
Those ghosts don't make me nervous
My skin is thick on the surface
My voice is perfect
Track Name: Black Widow
Save me the energy I need
to get my steam ship pumpin'
without a borough on my mind
has me remembering
This town is like a solvent
And i wanna dissolve it
With the revolving holograms
with our eyes closed
so we can solve, so we can solve
so we can solve it.
All I wanna say is watch your six
You don't really need another failed quick fix, now
So now I'll just sit, talk to myself
My internal sunshine makes great health
bought into the cards that i wasn't dealt
now i'm a victim of the strobe light
victim of your stealth
Flash rave turned into a funeral
That guest list became too full
Theres a creature and a shadow comin' in through my window
lookin' around for black minerals

Planning an escape
What a weird first date
Got a stomach ache from the stars that I ate
She could take ten years to appear in the doorway
Time that it takes to wait is like foreplay
Your way is too complex...
Might as well flip a coin to figure out what comes next
So ch-ch-ch-ch-check what sounds musical
You sing about death and it sounds so beautiful
Whoa are we to shuffle the deck?
I made a mess of necks and spines
And you're next in line
So we pass the time
Trying to stay alive
Making up our minds
And yet we redefine
Everything that it meant to invent innocence
In a sense we are meant to regress
No regrets
I'm obsessed with the breasts and the heart in her chest
What a mess, I'm a mess, gotta keep this in check
Never had a set plan before
And there's a lot of things between me and the door
Glimpse into the future shows prints on the floor
So I sit on the chords that I heard at the morgue
Here we go again
So confused that I don't think that I would know a friend
If they looked me in the eye and slapped me in the face
My peripheral vision of the woman wouldn't erase

All i wanna say is watch your six
you dont really need another failed quick fix, now.
Track Name: Zombie
When the bass line stops
All the dead bodies in the room just drop
So, dance
Make some rips in your pants
Make a little mess with the drink in your hands
Man, it feels good to be a zombie
Wobbly, stumbling, mumbling through my mouthpiece
Shout please if you will not breathe
We murdering nazis
Metaphorical war steez

Standing on that cliff by the water
I'm counting factions

Shuffle them cards
Take a break from looking at stars
I fight fate with a fist
And it goes like this
I always win, I never miss
Patriots sing in the way they imagine
Triumph happens
No beauty pageant actress ever made a mattress
Ashamed to engage in the static magic
Got a flattering tone
When the vixen sits in my home
Let alone when I'm tryna convicne
She had one beer, I had like six
But I ignore those patterns
Everybody throwing knives
I'm throwing daggers
Guess that's my swagger
Act on an impulse
Find out what matters
But instead of letting go
I can only hold onto the things I know
I don't do what I'm told
I get off that board
I do not pass go
See I've never choked
And I've never broken any bones
Never lost my home
If it's a bed or a couch I can still catch a doze

And I can't seem to get around
When I'm feeling locked out
Dropping out, tuning out, turning on
To a different station
Feeling close

We screaming things like peace is not an option
All we wanna do is break the rules and get it poppin
Lockin, droppin
We ain't never stoppin
The garden of our youth has brew spouting out a fountain
I move to the rhythm of a liberal elitist
At the party hardly not feeling like a fetus
Doing shows, spitting flows
Must be make believing
Barely alive but still breathing
Flannel on my back
T-Shirt is sleeveless
I do believe in facts so I don't believe in jesus
Hopefully my mama doesn't read this...

So keep an eye on this generation
Last time we smoked we didn't get high
and that's a complication
I'm just saying,
I think I speak for you and you smoke for me
When I say that we both need something new to get us by
Like a steeple chaser, with an eraser
Don't need a savior
You could be a savior
It's all relative when you've got neighbors
On the road to the King of Claver

What can I see?
Everybody in the club staring at me
Okay I'm doing just fine
Bitches looking at me must be out they mind
Track Name: The Last Song
I'm gone, come find me
you and yours sat down
sifting through my crooked rhythms

I've never really been a fan of regrets
I never gave a shit about a hickey on my neck
All I cared about is what came next
Maybe a little merit
Maybe some respect
But it's a slippery slope
When you don't wanna be naive,
but you also don't want to let go of hope
I'm trying not to choke
But I took a big hit of love
Now I got it stuck in my throat
See, I've known a couple drifters
I've known a lot of thrifters
I've had a lot of lovers
And a lot of sisters
Told a lot of lies
And I've loved a lot of sinners
Seems to be magnified this winter
My liver may hold a grudge in a couple of years
But I let go of the fear
I let go of the fear
I've walked away from a lot of women in tears
I tend to disappear
I tend to disappear
I think that right now my thoughts are too clear
I need another beer
I think it's time for me to get out of here
Take me to the pier
Take me to the pier

Help me break down
It's that small town livin' in my head
tellin' me to come home
what i'd give for comfort
in my home away from home
Sunshine drew a line
now I'm high and true-eyed
but too many days have gone by
so many times

So break, break, break
Break, break down
Take, take, take
Take, take the sound
We could make, make, make
Make all the rounds
And I will chase, chase, chase
Chase you down